Mar 31

Returning to Stone Turtle Day Lodge + Spring Schedule

Big news! Starting Thursday, April 2nd, the Higgins Lake classes will be back at our “summer” location at the Stone Turtle Day Lodge at Cross Country Ski Headquarters, just one mile north of our “winter” location at the Gerrish Township Municipal Building. Our first class back at this location will be Slow Vin/Yin Flow + Meditation with Mariah at 5:30pm. Hope to see you there!

Starting next week – the week of Sunday, April 5th – there will be a couple changes to the class schedule. As always, we are hoping that this suits the schedules of all of you as well as possible, and we are flexible (haha) if any of these changes totally don’t work! Here is the schedule for April 5th – May 31st:

Sunday: 2:00pm – Hatha Yoga w/ Amy – GRAYLING

Monday: 9:00am – Hatha Yoga w/ Amy – GRAYLING

6:15pm (45 min) - Youth Yoga w/ Lexi – GRAYLING

Tuesday: 5:30pm – Hatha Yoga w/ Mariah – HIGGINS LAKE

Wednesday: 9:00am – Core Yoga w/ Mariah – GRAYLING

Thursday: 5:30pm (75 min) – Slow Vin/Yin Flow + Meditation w/ Lexi – HIGGINS LAKE

Friday: 9:00am – Empower Yoga w/ Mariah – GRAYLING

10:30am – Hatha Yoga w/ Lexi – HIGGINS LAKE

Saturday: 10:00am – Empower Yoga w/ Lexi – HIGGINS LAKE

Please let us know if you have any questions about the upcoming schedule. Remember, the current class schedule stays the same for the rest of this week (through April 4th). Also, the Spring Break Yoga Challenge is ON! Come to 4 classes this week (March 30 – April 4) and get a free STY t-shirt!

And finally, a little reflection on the last few months. We have seen many new faces at both studios over the course of the fall, winter, and now spring, as well as some amazing women who have been coming since the birth of STY almost 3 years ago. It is so amazing and powerful to see our community integrate and grow, and to witness and experience our practices deepening together. We are so grateful for you for trusting us with guiding your yoga practice. It is a responsibility and a gift which we honor and do not take for granted. This community means the world to us, and each of you inspire us to no end. Thank you for your warmth and support, and most of all, for practicing yoga!

Much love and Namaste,

Mariah, Lexi & Amy

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Mar 09

LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION – Hatha Yoga 5:30pm on Tuesday, March 10th

Hi friends!

We unfortunately have to cancel class for tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10th) evening. It’s Gerrish Township’s annual board meeting. We’re so sorry for the late notice but we only just found out too! Please join us for Hatha Yoga at 9:00am tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10th) at Gerrish in Higgins Lake, or Wednesday for Core Yoga in Grayling at 9:00am or Hot Yoga in Grayling at 5:30pm, or Thursday for Slow Flow/Yin in Higgins Lake at 6:00pm.

Thanks for understanding and please spread the word :)


Mariah, Lexi & Amy

Feb 02

This Thursday’s class + Mindfulness Awareness Month!

February is officially Mindfulness Awareness month at Stone Turtle Yoga! For this month, we are extending the 15 minute meditation after Thursday evening’s Slow Flow/Yin class to include not just meditation but also some light discussion on the modern technique of Vipassana-meditation, or mindfulness as it is known in the west. This session will begin at the end of the yoga class and last approximately 20 minutes, is meant to help students learn meditation and mindfulness by both practicing it and by discussing the techniques with Lexi. Come exercise your mind! No experience necessary, all levels welcome!

This Thursday’s (Feb 5) class takes place from 5:30-6:45pm (1 hour of yoga + 15-20 min of meditation/mindfulness practice). Class is usually 6:00-7:15pm, except for the first Thursday of the month when class is at 5:30pm.

If you’re curious about the benefits of meditation, read this very compelling article:

Much love, see you in class! Namaste,

Mariah, Lexi & Amy

PS - a big hug to the Grayling yogis who braved the chilly studio this morning, and apologies to those who showed up to the 45 degree temps yesterday! The heat is back on as of noon today, and the pipes are being worked on. We will continue have class as usual going forward!

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