Apr 16

Stone Turtle Yoga Grayling Opens May 5th

In conjunction with our Higgins Lake location at the Stone Turtle Day Lodge, we will now be offering yoga classes in Grayling!

Classes will begin on Monday, May 5th at the Ausable Dance Studio in downtown Grayling. We will offer three classes per week until June 8th, when we will add evening classes.

Class schedule for STY Grayling from May 5th through June 7th:

Mondays 10:00am-11:00am: Hatha Yoga

Wednesdays 9:00am-10:00am: Core Yoga

Saturdays 10:00am-11:15am: Empower Yoga

All memberships and class packages may be used at both locations.

We are more than excited to be back in Grayling, and are super appreciative to Felicia and Chelsea at Ausable Dance Studio for letting us share their awesome space to practice. Can’t wait to see you in class!


Mariah, Lexi & Stu

Apr 02

Spring Detox Workshop!

Join us for our first ever Spring Detox Workshop!

Clearing out toxins that build up in the body is very important for overall health. Long term exposure to toxins, through foods and drinks we consume, the products we use on our skin and in our hair, and the air we breath, causes buildups in the body which leads to less than optimum health in our digestive, circulatory, immune and muscular systems, as well in our hair, skin, teeth, eyes and nails. A periodic, healthy, natural detox is a great way to cleanse your system and revitalize your body, and spring is the perfect time to do that!

Combining a physical detox with mindfulness practices, like yoga and meditation, helps rejuvenate and bring balance to not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. With that in mind, we are pleased to present our very first Detox Workshop!

On Sunday, May 4th, Mariah along with Certified Natural Chef and owner of The Organic Gypsy, Bridgett Blough, will lead a three hour workshop to not only start the detoxification process, but give you the tools to complete your detox on your own. Mariah will teach a cleansing and renewing yoga class and meditation to start the workshop, and we’ll go through a step-by-step plan to most effectively (and enjoyably!) detoxify your body. Bridgett will prepare a gourmet lunch, and also provide a very cool cooking demo for a delicious, detox-friendly dessert!

When: Sunday, May 4th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Cost: The cost for the workshop is $45 (only $40 if you also purchase a Stone Turtle Yoga monthly membership)

For an additional $99, Bridgett will hand-prepare enough delicious, detox-friendly meals for you to complete a 3 day detox! Detoxing is easy when it tastes this good.

Registration: Space is limited so please register by emailing mariah@stoneturtleyoga.com, or calling 989-302-7928. Please specify if you would like the $99 detox meal plan.

Looking forward to seeing you! Feel free to print the flyer below and spread the word!

Detox Flyer

Apr 01

Spring is here! Transition and Upcoming Schedule

Happy April Fool’s Day! Hopefully everyone will be able to take part in some kind of hoaxy merriment today. I love this day because it’s such a great reminder to have a good sense of humor and not take oneself too seriously. For better or worse, I live in a household where everyday is April Fool’s Day. If you know my husband, Stu, you might also know that he is a big fan of harmless pranks (he recently bought not just one, but 3 piles of fake dog poop to add to his bag of tricks). His mind is constantly churning out ideas of how to get someone’s goat, and often times (unless of course I am the lucky recipient), I get to watch him put these ideas into action, trying my best to keep a straight face. Truth be told, Stu is very successful at catching people off-guard; however, despite the initial shock of these pranks, the “prankee” almost always ends up laughing and in a better, lighter-hearted mood. So do yourself and the people around you today a favor and find some way to celebrate April Fool’s! One of the bests gifts we can give is the ability to laugh, especially when it’s at oneself.

Now, onto business! We have two more weeks left of class at the Gerrish Township Fire Hall. The last class will be our usual Gentle Yoga class at 5:30pm on Tuesday, April 15th. Then we will take a 2 week break while Lexi and Mariah are in San Francisco for advanced yoga therapeutics and meditation teacher training. Then we will make the long-awaited transition to our summer location at the Stone Turtle Day Lodge at Cross Country Ski Headquarters, (about a mile up the road to the north)!

Class will begin at the Stone Turtle Day Lodge on Sunday, May 4th with a Detox Workshop, co-hosted by certified natural chef and owner of The Organic Gypsy, Bridgett Blough, and me. There will be yoga, delicious food, a cooking demo, and lots of great information on detoxifying the body and natural, holistic living! More details to come on that.

Monday, May 5th will be the start of the summer class schedule. We are still working on that schedule and will publish it as soon as it’s ready. As always, suggestions are encouraged and welcome!

Have a laughter-filled April Fool’s Day, yogis. Thank you for sharing your practice with your community. The more we immerse in the present moment, the more we enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. Never underestimate your power to brighten someone’s day!

Much love,


Mar 10

Gentle Yoga on Tuesday 3/11 moved to Stone Turtle Day Lodge

Hello, friends!

Due to the annual township meeting at the Gerrish Fire Hall tomorrow (Tuesday, March 11th) evening, we will be having Gentle Yoga at the Stone Turtle Day Lodge. Class will start at the same time of 5:30pm (probably a few minutes later to allow for people who go to the Hall first). The Stone Turtle Day Lodge is located at Cross Country Ski Headquarters, 9435 N. Cut Road in Roscommon, only a mile north of the Gerrish Fire Hall on the same road. Please enter through the main doors of Cross Country Ski Headquarters, rather than the usual Stone Turtle Yoga entrance.

We will continue to have class at the Gerrish Fire Hall for the rest of March after this.

Thank you all for your flexibility (no pun intended) with the location change, and please spread the word to anyone you know who is planning to come!


Mariah, Lexi & Stu

Jan 08

Slow Flow/Yin rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8th

Hello, friends!

For this week only, Thursday’s Sow Flow/Yin class is rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8th at 5:30pm. There will not be class on Thursday.

This Saturday’s Empower class is still on for 10am.

Hope to see you there!

All the best,

The STY crew

Dec 20

Empower Class tomorrow, Saturday December 21st

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is our first ever Empower Yoga class with live music! This uplifting class will be taught by Lexi, and accompanied by her awesome, musical brother, Jake. The class is at 10:00am, right after the Yoga Ski Retreat class at 9:00am.  Don’t miss it!

Here is the schedule for the holidays:

Saturday, Dec 21: Empower with live music 10:00am
Monday Dec 23: Gentle Yoga 9:00am
Tuesday Dec 24: no class
Thursday Dec 26: Slow Flow/Yin 5:30pm
Saturday Dec 28: Empower Yoga 10am
Monday Dec 30: Gentle Yoga 9am
Tuesday Dec 31: no class
Thursday Jan 2: Slow Flow/Yin 5:30pm
Saturday Jan 4: Empower 10am

Have a joyful holiday!

Much love,

Mariah, Lexi & Stu

Dec 16

Yoga Ski Retreat and Holiday Class Schedule

Happy Holiday Season!

With holiday time with family and friends right around the corner, it is more important now than ever to live in the present moment and enjoy the reality around us. There are some exciting things going on in the Stone Turtle Yoga world, including a Yoga Ski Retreat, a new class, and the holiday yoga schedule!

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful snow! Join us for our second annual Yoga Ski Retreat this Saturday, December 21st. Grab a family member or friend and take part in a blissful day of yoga, skiing/snowshoeing, and food! The retreat begins at 9am with Gentle Yoga at Gerrish to get you breathing and ready for the day. Then head to Cross Country Ski Headquarters for a group ski/snowshoe lesson, full day equipment rental, trail pass, plus a delicious lunch at the Stone Turtle Café. Spend the rest of the day enjoying the serenity of Michigan’s beautiful winter forests, or bring a book and relax by the huge fieldstone fireplace! All are invited to participate, including novices to yoga, skiing or both! The cost is $35 if you need to rent equipment, or $20 if you have your own equipment. To register, email mariah@crosscountryski.com or call 800-832-2663.

We are adding a new class to the STY class list! The class is called Slow Flow/Yin, and we created it to provide a more well rounded, end-of-the-day practice for our students. It will replace Yin Yoga on the schedule (effective this week), and is meant to provide the same healing benefits of Yin, but also offer a broader variety of poses with some very beneficial movement added in. Here is the description; we really think it will be a class that everyone will enjoy!

Slow Flow/Yin: In this refreshing, relaxing class, students will move through a slow, mindful flow of sun salutations and standing postures to rejuvenate the body and work out the stresses of the day. The latter part of class will be more grounding, with seated Yin and restorative poses to calm the nervous system and bring a sense of peace. A perfect way to wind down at the end of the day! Perfect for all levels.

Finally, here is the schedule for the holidays, starting with the week of December 22nd:

Monday Dec 23: Gentle Yoga 9:00am
Tuesday Dec 24: no class
Thursday Dec 26: Slow Flow/Yin 5:30pm
Saturday Dec 28: Empower Yoga 10am
Monday Dec 30: Gentle Yoga 9am
Tuesday Dec 31: no class
Thursday Jan 2: Slow Flow/Yin 5:30pm
Saturday Jan 4: Empower 10am

May joy and peace be with you this Christmas season!!

-Mariah, Lexi, and Stu

Dec 03

Class Schedule

Stone Turtle Yoga class schedule:

Mondays: Gentle Yoga 9:00am-10:00am

Tuesdays: Gentle Yoga 5:30pm-6:30pm

Thursdays: Slow Flow/Yin Yoga 5:30-6:30pm

Saturdays: Empower Yoga 10:00am-11:15am

Class schedule may change on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Please subscribe to the Stone Turtle Yoga blog to receive an email of the upcoming week’s schedule, and stay tuned to the website for updates. See Class Descriptions page for details and definitions of each class. Yoga mats and props provided.

*You are NOT required to sign up in advance for yoga classes! Walk-ins are always welcome as long as space permits, so be sure to arrive a few minutes early! You may also sign up in advance over the phone by calling 989-302-7928.


Dec 01

This Week’s Schedule & Yoga Ski Retreat

Happy December!

Just one switch to this week’s class schedule:

Mariah is teaching tomorrow’s (Monday’s) Gentle Yoga class at 9:00am

Lexi is teaching Tuesday’s Gentle Yoga class at 5:30pm

Also, don’t miss this year’s Yoga Ski Retreat on Saturday, December 21st! It starts with a Gentle Yoga class at 9:00am, followed by a cross country ski or snowshoe lesson at Cross Country Ski Headquarters, plus a full day ski or snowshoe rental, facilities pass, and lunch at the Stone Turtle Cafe. We had a ton of fun last year, and already have some people signed up for this year! Email mariah@stoneturtleyoga.com to register, or call 989-821-6661. The cost is $35.

Have a great week!


Mariah, Lexi and Stu

Nov 24

Thanksgiving Week Schedule Changes

Just a couple changes to the schedule for this week:

Tomorrow’s (Monday’s) Gentle Yoga class will be taught by Mariah. 9:00am.

Tuesday’s Gentle Yoga class at 5:30pm will be taught by Lexi.

Thursday’s Yin Yoga class is cancelled. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday’s Empower class is ON as usual at 10:00am!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (even though we always feel this way!), we want you to know how deeply grateful we are for you, for sharing your practice and energy with the STY community. Thank you for working to create peace, not just on the mat, but also “off the mat and into the world” as yoga teacher Seane Corn says; we believe that what we do in our yoga practice positively affects the world around us, and we can’t tell you how grateful we feel to have such caring, vibrant people contribute to the essence of not just Stone Turtle Yoga, but to our greater community as well. Thank you!

Namaste, and have a wonderful holiday,

Mariah, Lexi and Stu

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